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Ready  to get a big wad of cash for your business with little or no credit? We  will provide you with everything you need to know when it comes to  securing financing for your business using nothing but your revenue and  future cash flow. It does not matter if you have bad credit, just that  your business is profitable. Expert advice is near. We will also link  you with some of the best lender in the business in Dallas, Austin &  El Paso, TX.    

Cash Advance 102: Small Business Bridge Loans

There may be any number of reasons why a  business may require a business bridge loan. For example, they may be  looking to expand, or the business may have suffered some damage and  money is needed to keep the business running until the insurance  payments come through, however the most common reasons why small  businesses require a business bridge loan is because customers are slow  to pay and the business needs working capital in order to buy inventory  or pay their employees to keep the business running until the accounts  receivable are paid. Luckily, Bridge loans are granted with bad credit  providing the earnings of the business match up. To reiterate, this unsecured loan with allow your business to boom and go to the next level regardless of your personal payment or credit history

What is A Business Bridge Loan:

A business bridge loan is a small loan that a  lender provides a business that is having a temporary cash flow  problem. It is typically covers basic essential expenses while the  business is either waiting for additional funding or until the temporary  cash flow problems is resolved.

Bridge loans for businesses payback terms  usually last from anywhere from a few weeks to 12 months. These loans  also tend to have have interest rates and other fees than more  traditional bank loans due to the fact that these type of loans normally  create higher higher risk to the lender. Businesses unusually get  faster funding than long term conventional loans with the money  available sometimes in less than week. The speed of the loan's approval  is due to the fact that these loans normally have less paperwork and  credit requirements that long term loans. A Business bridge loan may be  secured or unsecured.

Most traditional banks do not do business  bridge loans so businesses must seek financing for this type of loan  from a non-traditional revenue based cash flow loan company also known in today's financial market as a "merchant cash advance" company.

Advantages of Business Bridge Loans:

There are some advantages to business bridge loans for small business these advantages include:

·         Application Process is Simple and  Easy- Applying for a business bridge loan usually requires less time and  less paper works that many other types of loans do.

·         Funds Become Available Quickly- The  funds for this type of loan often become available for the business  quickly. In most cases the business receives the money within days of  the loans approval.

·         Flexible Loan Terms- Many times  business bridge loans have flexible loan terms, which means the lender  may be willing to work with you on the terms under which you receive the  loan.

·         The Loan is Short Term- Since the  loan is short term businesses are under the obligation of long term  loans payments, but are usually out of debt for this loan within weeks  or months instead of years.

Downside of Business Bridge Loans:

There are a couple of negatives of taking out  a business bridge loan which should be considered by anyone thinking of  applying for one of these loans.

·         The Loan is Short Term- While the  fact that this type of loan is of short term which can be a benefit it  can also be a negative since if your financial problem isn't resolved  quickly or additional funding is slow coming through making the payments  can be difficult.

·         The higher interest rates and fees  may make repayment difficult and even if making the payments are easy  and simple the high fees may cut into your businesses profits.


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